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How It Works

How It Works

In order for us to report accurate data to the mobile industry, we use Nielsen's proprietary applications and profiles to measure the normal activity of your phone, tablet, or other mobile device. All data transmitted is encrypted and anonymous. All you have to do is download the Nielsen Mobile App or install our profile, depending on your device, and then continue using your mobile device as you usually do - that's it! The Nielsen Mobile software is undetectable and will not affect your device's performance or battery life.

  1. To join, start by clicking here or on the Join Now link above.
  1. Fill in a form with some basic information about yourself.  
  1. Create a username and password, which will allow you to make future changes to your personal information.  
  1. Once you have registered, we'll send you instructions on how to install the Nielsen Mobile App, profile or settings.
  1. After completing the installation, you may be prompted to restart your mobile device. Once you have completed the installation, you will be an active member of the Nielsen Mobile Panel and will start earning rewards. You can earn up to $50 worth of rewards a year just for using your Android or iOS device as you always do.


You will be taken to home page to update your profile for reactivation.
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